About Us

I have long had an affinity for wood dating back to the time that I worked with my uncle and grandfather (contractors) as a summertime carpenter’s apprentice. While most of that time was spent with construction lumber (not the most beautiful wood in the world), I would still run across the occasional piece of pine or oak or other species that would have unusual and beautiful grain patterns. I remember thinking then that it seemed a shame to cover up that grain with paint or other construction.

Over the years, as I got more heavily involved with woodworking, custom decorative wood boxes and other wooden gifts and furniture refinishing, I realized that my most enjoyable part of the process was taking a particular board and thinking of ways to utilize it and “play up” its beautiful grain or its flaws. The great beauty of wood comes from the fact (at least to me) that it is naturally that way. It is like a “snowflake” in that no two boards are exactly alike and each has its own personality.

In recent years as I have worked with veneers to create custom decorative wood boxes and other custom wood gifts and products, I have had even more opportunity to work with a wider assortment of woods from all over the world. Using veneers is a sensible way to utilize highly figured woods that are unique. When you consider that typical furniture construction involves 3/4” wood and sometimes thicker, it only makes sense to use veneers which are typically 1/42th” to stretch the use of that beautiful highly figured board.

Also with today's wonderful substrates (MDF and Baltic Birch plywood) and glues, using veneers results in a more stable piece of furniture which can outlast solid wood construction. I hope to design (with your help) a piece that will be both beautiful and enduring.